Do Sierra Leoneans have a responsibility to standardise techniques and consent perhaps?

 A brilliant article on the right to modify genitals.

FGM in Sierra Leone – to ban or not to ban by Dr Fuambai Ahmadu (KDU) 


Kono Youth Movement – Your feedback

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Kono Global Conference 28 – 29 July 2016

conference 1

Diaspora concerned Konos cooperative of descendants including KDDA UK, Kono Progressive Union USA and Kono Union USA, Inc. will meet in London in July.

The agenda will be set for the consideration of a wealth of problematic strategic, sustainable and development concerns about regional matters. Kono society has been ignited by quarrels between factions of the ruling All People’s Congress, and local government officials on the defense charged with uncooperative matters of conscience.

Minister Diana Konomanyi’s appointments and upcoming campaign launches in the run-up to the 2018 national elections can not be allowed to distract from important rural development and environmental production and planning.

Major, though too long overdue road building and resurfacing works have enabled more modern accessibility to the District, a positive impact upon small businesses connecting with larger markets. Potentially devastating deals were highlighted in the Panama Papers publicly released earlier this year with accusations of involvement by officials at all levels of national politics and industry. Further problematic deals were made in Spring 2016 by Dubai and China registered companies operating in Kono and neighbouring areas.

Youth Movement reps will attend the conference. Register your attendance here.

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